About us

Business Solution is a professional services organisation offering a wide range of Accounting, Finance and Taxation services for business of all sizes. Our strength lies in our timely performance-based, industry-tailored and technology-enabled services which are delivered by some of the most talented professionals in the country.

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D-11, NPL Agasthya Apartments,
# 605,606 T.H Road,
Tondairpet, Chennai - 600081.


+91 9176879935

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All Business Needs Are Fullfiled Here

About us

Business Solutions is a key regional player in business consulting and advisory services field worldwide; bridging gaps between the region management approaches and its western counterpart

Business Solutions operates within three main divisions :

Business Formation, Management & Administration Consultation, Placement, Statutory, Accounting & Financial Consultation. Marketing & Development Services Etc

We work with the worlds leading organizations to provide collaborative solutions to their business and IT challenges with innovative ideas that are embraced by their customers. More than 10,000 professionals around the world leverage deep industry knowledge across 75 verticals including: banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, consumer goods,accounting,taxation, legal, comapliance, placement,acts,rules,formation,marketing,management and insurance to deliver robust digital solutions in key areas of client growth.

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